Queen's Visit


On Tuesday 11th June Queen Elizabeth 11 came to Liverpool as part of a nationwide tour to celebrate her 90th birthday.  Children from all over the city had applied to go into town to see the Queen at the Town Hall.    St Sebastian's and St Cuthbert's children were lucky to be invited to the VIP area right in front of the Town Hall. 

M/s Adams, Mrs Denson and Mrs Haney accompanied children from both schools. We also had a very special visitor with us... Speedy Sall as she is known around the Fairfield area. Sal or Sarah was 90 years old a few days after the Queen celebrated her birthday.. At 10.30 everyone excitedly boarded the minibuses to go down town. Mr Hardiman and Mr Grimes took the children and dropped them in Exchange Street East. We couldn't believe how many people were already waiting! The Queen wasn't due till 12.30. We asked a gentleman did he know where we were standing and we were so excited as we were taken to a VIP area.  
The children were very patient waiting for Queens car to arrive. suddenly the car appeared and everyone cheered wildly and loudly.  We were told that the Queen and Prince Philip would meet some people inside the Town Hall then have some lunch and would come out onto the balcony.
When the children looked around they could hardly believe their eyes, hundreds of people were behind us, some hanging out of windows, some on balconies by their office.  
After a short wait movement was seen on the balcony, the curtains moved and her Majesty appeared on the balcony,  Everyone cheered and waved their flags. the noise was deafening.   The Queen waved to people to everyone several times and then sadly turned to go back inside. The children and Sarah were so excited and chatted away about what had happened..Sarah said it was one of the best days ever. As we made our way back to the minibuses she said how proud she was of all the children and thanked us for taking her.to see the Queen.  
When we got back to school Sarah said she was going home to have a nap and didn't know how the Queen was able to do all this travelling and wondered if she would have a nap after she had been to Alder Hey.