The Children's Shakespeare Festival 2016

On Tuesday 23rd June, our Year 5 children became professional actors for the day. This year’s Children’s Shakespeare Festival was held in the Everyman Theatre and children captivated the audience with their interpretation of William Shakespeare’s King Lear. For a few months they have been learning all about the play before putting together their production. Children played a big part in writing the script and thinking about the stage directions for the performance. After weeks of rehearsals it was finally time to showcase their talents, and what a performance it was! Year 5 really did entertain, wow and capture the imaginations of everyone there. It was tremendous to see the children rise to the challenge and really shine on the stage. Well done Year 5, you were superb!


Have a look at some of our rehearsal pictures and the video of our dress rehearsal.

Emma Bramley who organised the event said the children, “Created an outstanding dramatic performance.”

Tawonga played King Lear in our part of the performance he said, “I really enjoyed the Shakespeare Festival because I got to show my acting skills to the audience. I think this has given me a push to carry on my drama work.”

Amber played one of the mean sisters Goneril, “The Shakespeare was so much fun! I loved performing our play, and seeing what other people did as well. Being a main part was exciting as I had lots of lines to say.”