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Day one - Bonjour! We have arrived at Alpe D Huez safe and sound. The children have been amazing so far, really showing the organisers great manners and fantastic behaviour!  We are just unpacking now and then going to have our tea before going for our ski fit tonight.  Everyone is super excited for our first day of skiing tomorrow! Lots of love Miss Brough and Miss Daniel.

Day two - Hi everyone!  We couldn't have asked for such a fantastic first day.  The children have been split into two groups (Maroon - beginners) and (Black - skied before).  Both groups have been commended for their beautiful manners.  Maroon group were the first beginners group to use a drag lift in the first ever session!  Mr McKee has said he has never seen that happen before.  Which is fantastic!  The Black Group hav been on the chair lift and doing lots of green runs.  We are just about to have our tea and get ready for quiz night!  Lots of love from all the children , Miss Brough and Miss Daniel!

Day three - Another fantastic day of skiing here!  The maroon group have been up and down the button lifts and practicing their turns in order to progress even further tomorrow and the black group have been up to the snow park to practise their skills and on lots of drag lifts! We have had many compliments regarding the children's strong skiing abilities which is great!  The ski instructors are excellent and the children are progressing well.  Lots of snow here today but we expect sunshine tomorrow! Lots of love from all the children, Miss Brough and Miss Daniel!

Day four - Hi everyone, we have had such a fantastic day!  The weather has been really hot and sunny and the skiing conditions have been excellent.  Miss Daniel and I are amazed by how quickly every single child has progressed!  Each group used the chair lifts today. Maroon group have completed many long green runs and have also gone up the slopes in a cable car.  Black group went on blue runs today and have been perfecting their skills of jumping!  We're just about to have tea.  All children are eating well.  For tonight's entertainment we're having a games night.  Lots of love from all the children, Miss Brough and Miss Daniel!

Day five - Hi everyone, today has been a challenging day with regards to the huge change in the weather from yesterdays beautiful sunshine.  It has snowed the entire day and does not look like its going to stop anytime soon.  This however, has not deterred the children's determination to improve their skiing ability from yesterday.  They have certainly improved further and have completed longer more difficult runs.  Miss Daniel and I have even been improving and we are coming along with our skiing too.  The children have been absolutely fantastic and we are delighted to have them on this trip representing you and the Federation.

Day six - Hi everyone, we have had another tremendous day here in Alpe D'Heuz.  The conditions have been very challenging as there have been snow storms all day however the children have carried on regardless.  They are safe and very determined.  The continue to develop.  Maroon group went on a long blue run and skied to the village.  We even skied down through a tunnel.  The black group went on the DMC lift and went down red slopes in the snow blizzard.  The loved it!  We warmed up at the end of this afternoon lessons by going for hot chocolate with our instructor Phillippe!  Tonight is the disco and everyone is super excited.  We cant believe tomorrow is our last day of skiing.  Its been a fabulous week.  Lots of love from the staff and children.

Day seven - The children have finished off an excellent week with such an amazing last day.  They have progressed so much over the last 6 days, its been fantastic to watch,  Every single child has talked about what a great time they have had and we can see how this experience has developed their confidence and independence.  They are so happy.  Thank you for giving them this opportunity.  Tonight is awards night so the children will receive their accreditation from their ski instructor followed by awards from the Liverpool Ski Association.  We will pack after that and get ready to be homeward bound tomorrow. Lots of love

Check back Soon for pictures of our amazing time in Alpe D'Heuz