Ski Trip 2015


St. Cuthbert's main aim is to ensure that children have numerous opportunities to experience a wide variety of sports.

We have been part of the Liverpool Primary Skiing Programme for many years. The ski course that takes place annually significantly influences children’s learning opportunities. Many children are mastering a new skill for the first time or building upon the previous acquired skills from attending the course the previous year. Skiing itself is a great, healthy, outdoor activity that helps children get and remain physically active. Plus, it's an activity in which they are able to have fun in a mountain environment, which is a tremendous experience. 

Children who attend the ski course have the opportunity to mix with children from nine other primary schools across the city.  This lends itself to children working with new groups of children, forming relationships with new children in the city and developing their personal, social and emotional skills through team building and collaboration. 

All children who attend the ski course are given four hours of intense ski lessons, six days of the week that they are away.  At the end of the course, the children receive a certificate and grading in conjunction to the Ski Accreditation awarded by the French Ski Instructors. 

The sense of achievement is immense and children return from a fantastic week feeling very confident in their achievement of successfully completing a hard skill such as skiing.  

This year, inviduals from across the Federation went to Alpe D'Huez for a fun-filled week on the slopes!