Welcome to Year 5

 Miss Murphy & Miss Stanbridge


We work extremely hard throughout Year 5 and hope our class page gives you an overview of our exciting and engaging Creative Curriculum; as well as all the fun activities and workshops we participate in throughout the school year!

Class Buddies: Jake & Abbie  

School Councillors: Emem & Jessie 

Class Activities

Philosophy for Children
The focus for our philosophical enquiry was the book 'Not Now Bernard'; Year 5 enjoyed expressing our opinions and ideas. We worked independently and in groups to formulate our final question. 

Let's pretend our world was parent free ...

Naomi -
"I disagree because there would be no one to take care of me and my family mean a lot to me".

Stephen - "At first I thought it would be great because there would be no one to nag me! However, after our discussion I now think it is too much of a responsibility to take care of myself so a parent-free world would be a bad idea". 

In My Liverpool Home 

As part of our curriculum theme 'In My Liverpool Home', Year 5 & 6 took a tour around our fabulous city! We boarded the City Explorer and alongside our staff and tour guide John we uncovered some impressive facts to broaden our knowledge of the wonderful place that we call home. 

We certainly didn't forget our cameras ... Just look at some of the iconic Liverpool sights we captured on our journey together!   

Premier League Primary Stars 

We entered a poetry competition ran by Everton Football Club, our task was to create a poem about resilience and the key message ... "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again".
Jessie & Jedidiah were selected along with 10 other winners from Liverpool Schools all over our city,
Carl from Everton
football club visited us to present them with their Everton goody bags and of course another proud Evertonian congratulated them too! 


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