Welcome to Foundation 1


Alana and  Bern 


We work extremely hard throughout Foundation and hope our class page gives you an overview of our exciting and engaging Creative Curriculum; as well as all the fun activities and workshops we participate in throughout the school year!

Class Activities

Myself, Autumn and Diwali 

What a busy half term it has been in Foundation 1. We kick started the year by exploring the topic 'Myself'. We've learnt about how we are all special to God, our family, friends and teachers. We looked at our features in the mirror, painted our very own portraits and even got to make a biscuit portrait that we enjoyed eating at home! The children were so excited when they got to bring in their favourite toys to share with their friends, they painted pictures of them which are now displayed in our classroom.

The weather started to change and the leaves started to fall which brings us to our next topic of Autumn. The children have explored all the signs of Autumn through a range of fun hands on experiences. They enjoyed using their senses to observe, feel and smell conkers, pine cones, different coloured leaves and berries. Foundation 1 engaged in Autumn songs and stories including ‘The Autumn leaves are falling down’ and ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’, they even got to go on their very own leaf hunt in the Foundation garden. They have enjoyed talking about the different colours of the leaves that they found and used them for a variety of activities such as making hedgehogs and leaf printing. We have even used the conkers to help us count and recognise numbers to 10.

This week the children have learnt about the celebration of Diwali and engaged in a variety of creative activities including designing divas, necklaces,using Rama and Sita puppets to do their own retelling of the story and looking at  Rangoli shapes and patterns and then having a go at designing their own!

We hope you have enjoyed looking at what we have done so far this term and we are looking forward to showing you more of our F1 journey this year….. Stay tuned.

Have a lovely half term from Foundation 1. :)




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